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  • Why grooming your pets in the winter is so important?

    Dogs and cats with longer hair are prone to different health problems in the winter due to the cold weather which can cause matted and dry fur.

    This is why it is essential that special care for grooming your cat or dog in the cold seasons are taken, even though it is recommended to regularly groom your pets all year round anyway.

    If the fur is left ungroomed, it can cause matting and thus discomfort and skin infections on the animal which can require veterinary attention and care.


  • What is causing all those urinary problems in your Dalmatian?

    If you are a Dalmatian owner you probably know how susceptible your beautiful dog is to urinary problems. If you are wondering why this breed is so prone to developing such problems with the urinary tract here are some facts and pointers which you will better understand the underlying reasons as well as the possible ways to control and treat this health issues in your Dalmatian.

    The reason is that the liver and kidney biochemistry in Dalmatians is very different from that in other dog breeds.



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