Keeping the dog’s skin and coat in perfect condition

It doesn’t take much to keep your dog happy. Your fluffy friend adores your attentions and cherish the moments you spend together. A little walk and a bit of food keeps him happy all day long.

However, his skin and coat are another story. For the coat to look great your dog must be healthy both on the outside and the inside. His diet is of immense importance, but you already know that. I want to focus on the other factors that contribute to healthy looking coat and skin

First – grooming

Do you know that dogs spend much less time grooming themselves than your purring friends? Your help will help them greatly. As a rule of the thumb longer coats need brushing much more often than shorter coats. If shorter coated dogs need grooming once a week, dogs with longer fur will need grooming 2-3 times a week. It helps keep the fur detangled and shiny. It also helps spread the oils from the skin to the coat and makes it look much better.

Some breeds need haircuts and / or drying. For the love of all that is holly please don’t let the groomers use heat emitting dryer. It can injure your pet badly and even kill him if left without supervision for a prolonged period of time. A dog blow dryer should not emit hot air according to because they it is dangerous. Use force dryer or cage dryer that is heat free to make sure your pet it unharmed. There are a number of accidents reporting that dogs have died from heat stroke after being left in drying cages by the groomers – check here, here and here

Second – nutrition

Fatty acids help keep the dogs coat shiny and healthy – looking. If your dog is on a low-fat diet his coat may start looking a bit dull. What’s more – it can cause dandruff issues and flakey skin.

Another good micronutrient you should add to the diet is ZINC – it helps reduce the inflammation and helps with damaged skin.

Always consult with a doctor who can prescribe you the exact amount and combination of micro and macronutrients your pet needs to be and stay healthy.

Chronic inflammation is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. It can damage the health for years before it is detected because it does not cause any pain. Visit your vet regularly and make the necessary checks.

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