Why grooming your pets in the winter is so important?

Dogs and cats with longer hair are prone to different health problems in the winter due to the cold weather which can cause matted and dry fur.

This is why it is essential that special care for grooming your cat or dog in the cold seasons are taken, even though it is recommended to regularly groom your pets all year round anyway.

If the fur is left ungroomed, it can cause matting and thus discomfort and skin infections on the animal which can require veterinary attention and care.

Make sure the coat is groomed at all times in order to prevent the skin of remaining moist and becoming a natural habitat for millions of harmful bacteria.

Also, in a severe case, when you fail to take care of the coat of your pet it can become so matted that it will find it difficult to walk and move around and may even fail to tolerate to be touched! This could require that you take it to the vet or professional groomer for a full shave down which in the winter is quite dangerous for any pet.

So, vets and groomers recommend that you groom your pet two to three times per week, in order to prevent such unwanted consequences.

In the winter, cat and dog skin can become drier due to the heating in your home along with combined with the skin related problems due to the matted hair could lead to serious health problems of the animal.

Use a special skin oil for pets to moisturize the skin of your cat and brush its fur every day. After you are one, you can massage the fur with a spoonful of coconut oil in order to make the hair glossier and remove any loose hairs.

For dogs and cats that spend time outdoors, the longer hair can catch branches, leaves, burrs and briars and get painfully entangled in the animal’s coat.  Make sure you gently remove any of these stuck objects as soon as possible to prevent further matting and possible injury of the animal.

Use a comb to untangle any clumps after a walk outdoors. After you are done with detangling any knots, it is time to brush your pet.

Use an undercoat rake if your pet has thick double coats in order to remove dead hairs, to massage the skin and to encourage new and healthy hair growth.

If the pet needs additional grooming and conditioning, you can use a finer slicker brush to distribute the animals; oils across the coat. Brush in coconut oil at areas which feel dry.

Don’t forget to moisturize the paws of your pet with neem oil to prevent them from cracking from your heating and from exposure to the freezing ground in the winter!

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